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What are the main documents that define the requirements of Section 508?

A "tool kit" of information on Section 508 would include at least three items: copies of the statute (the law), the standard (developed by the Access Board) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (the FAR). The FAR incorporated the 508 standard in its entirety. It is important to review all three documents because they contain different types of information. For example, the enforcement procedure is described in the statute, not in the standard.

There are two primary web sites with information on Section 508: and Many people find it helpful to read technical assistance guidance as well as frequently asked questions posted on these sites. These are developed and maintained, respectively, by GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) and the U.S. Access Board, the two federal agencies authorized by statute to provide 508 technical assistance.

Note: The following websites provide additional information on Section 508:

Excerpt from Emerging and Accessible Telecommunications, Information and Healthcare Technologies, Chapter 4, by David Baquis, p. 38 and 40.

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