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Audio Output (2 of 7)

Issue: The volume level is insufficient.

Some users may have difficulty hearing audio output at default volume levels, particularly if the device is located in a noisy environment. Users with vision impairments may rely exclusively on auditory information to use the device, so it is important to ensure that the output volume can be adjusted to sufficient level.

Populations Impacted: Users who are hard of hearing; users who are blind; users with low vision.

Potential Solution:
  • Provide sufficient output volume and range of adjustment through the built-in speakers and the headphone output. The range of volume available should be implemented as described in Section 508 guideline 1194.25(f). Controls that allow users to adjust the output volume within the range specified in 1194.25(f) should be provided.

  • A user, who is blind, is interacting with a kiosk that is outputting audio.  A volume knob is provided so that the user can adjust the output volume.
Applicable Guidelines:
Section 508 - 1194.25(f), 1194.31(a), 1194.31(b), 1194.31(c), 1194.31(d)