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Control Panel Buttons (9 of 11)

Issue: Chorded button operations can be difficult for users with upper mobility impairments.

Some control panel functions may require that two or more buttons be pressed simultaneously. This can be difficult for users who cannot use both hands simultaneously for various reasons, and for users who use manipulation sticks to activate controls.

Populations Impacted: Users with upper mobility impairments.

Potential Solution:
  • Avoid functions that require simultaneous button presses. If chorded functions cannot be eliminated entirely, consider implementing a "sticky keys" function that will allow the modifier key to be pressed before the action key, eliminating the requirement that both keys be pressed at the same time.

Applicable Guidelines:
ADA-ABA - 309.4
Section 508 - 1194.23(k)(2), 1194.25(c), 1194.31(f)
Section 255 - 1193.41(e)(2)(d)
HFDS -,,,