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Issue: Keypads may lack nibs on the "5", "F", and "J" keys.

A numeric keypad is shown.  No tactile nib is provided on the 5 key.

Users without vision are accustomed to having a small nib on the "5" key on numeric keypads, and on the "F" and "J" keys on alphanumeric keyboards. These nibs assist users to orient themselves to the positions of the various keys. Keypads and keyboards that lack these nibs are difficult for users without vision to use, because they cannot orient themselves to the correct keys and key positions.

Populations Impacted: Users who are blind.

Potential Solution:
  • Include sufficient nibs that can be easily felt on the "5", "F", and "J" keys. On numeric keypads, always include a nib on the "5" key that can be easily differentiated by feel. This can be a small raised dot or a dashed line. On alphanumeric keyboards, always include nibs on the "F" and "J" keys so that users can orient themselves to the keyboard layout.

  • A numeric keypad is shown.  A tactile nib is provided on the 5 key.
Applicable Guidelines:
ADA-ABA - 707.6.2
Section 508 - 1194.23(k)(1), 1194.25(c), 1194.31(a)
Section 255 - 1193.41(a)(3)(a)
HFDS -, 9.6.11