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Pointing Devices: Issue 5 of 5

Issue: Grasping a stylus may be difficult for some users.

Styluses used with kiosks are often somewhat small and thin, requiring a narrow grip. Users with upper mobility impairments that limit their dexterity and fine motor control may have difficulty grasping and using such styluses.

Populations Impacted: Users with upper mobility impairments.

Potential Solutions:
  • Provide a stylus that is the size of a standard pen or larger. Increasing the length and diameter of the stylus to that of a standard pen or larger may make it easier for some users to grasp and use the stylus.

  • Use a non-slip material for the stylus. The stylus should be covered in a rubbery, non-slip material with a texture that facilitates grasping.

Applicable Guidelines:
Section 508 - 1194.31(f)
ISO/IEC 71 - 8.18.1