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Issue: Users may have difficulty aligning their signatures within the signature area.

Many kiosks display a graphical line within the signature area to which users can align their signatures. Because the line is not tactilely discernible, users with visual impairments may be unable to see the line, and may therefore have difficultly aligning their signatures appropriately. Users with upper mobility impairments (particularly those with tremors, or who lack fine motor control) may also have difficulty aligning their signatures accurately.

Populations Impacted: Users who are blind; users with low vision.

Potential Solutions:
  • Relax requirements on signature alignment. The machine should accept signatures in any orientation, even if they are not accurately aligned.

  • Provide tactile marks in the signature area. Indicate the signature alignment line with a tactilely discernible line that is raised from or etched into the display, or indicate the ends of the line with a pair of tactile markings. The tactile marks should be prominent enough to be tactilely discernible, but should not interfere with the use of the stylus.

  • Provide a clear area around the signature area for users to brace their hands. Providing a space near the signature area where users can brace their hands to steady themselves and reduce tremors can help users sign within the signature area more accurately.

Applicable Guidelines:
Section 508 - 1194.31(a), 1194.31(b), 1194.31(f)
HFDS -,,