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Supplies Area (2 of 3)

Issue: Doors and covers make it difficult for users to retrieve supplies.

The envelope supply for a kiosk is shown.  The storage area is covered by a door that is hinged at the top, so the user must lift the door and reach under it to retrieve an envelope.

Access to the supplies area may be blocked by doors or covers, requiring users to open a door or lift a cover to obtain supplies. Some users with upper mobility impairments may only have the use of one hand, or may have limited strength or fine motor control, making it difficult for them to simultaneously open a door or cover and retrieve supplies.

Populations Impacted: Users with upper mobility impairments.

Potential Solution:
  • Avoid obstructing access to the supplies area with doors or covers. If a door or cover is necessary, ensure that it is possible to open the door or cover and retrieve supplies with one hand. For example, provide a cover that does not close automatically, so that the user can first open the cover and then retrieve supplies without having to hold the cover open.

  • The envelope supply for a kiosk is shown.  The storage area is open, with no door or cover obstructing access.
Applicable Guidelines:
ADA-ABA - 309.4
Section 508 - 1194.31(f)